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Worldwide business Intelligence at your fingertips !

We obtain fresh data through multiple public sources that are integrated with Credence through various APIs to reduce manual intervention and increase speed. This data is analyzed through our proprietary models to assess risk based on facts and not on feelings or opinions.


The information from multiple sources comes together to form a coherent story which helps in decision making and risk mitigation.


Data Coverage

Data Points 

Mr. Mohammad Saifuddin Khan, CDCS.
SAVP & Unit Head
BRAC BANK LTD, Bangladesh

“Credence intelligence on trade patterns and HSN codes has been invaluable in our due diligence efforts, allowing us to verify information quickly and confidently."

Md. Abdul Monem
EVP & Head of International Division
Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Bangladesh

"Thanks to Credence due diligence reports and cross boarder trade intelligence, we are able to identify potential risks for our clients. The actual trade data also provided us with valuable insights to HSN codes and trade patterns that helped us make better business decisions."

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